Meet the Smile Dental Team


Joy started his business in 1992 and has worked with some of the foremost London clients for many years. He is a specialist in implants and advises other dental professionals in this area. Joy has had a relationship with Eastman Dental Hospital for over 20 years and advised consultants specialising at the Hospital.

As owner of the laboratory he has broadened the team and invested significantly in digital technology to provide a wider range of services to clients.


Charlie Francis-Smith is an experienced management consultant who specialises in the SME sector. He has a legal and financial background and has previously been CEO of a group of companies. He has direct practical knowledge and experience in investing, establishing companies, developing and ensuring governance, operational, HR, financial, and legal policies are in place.


Olga is a key member of the Smile team and oversees the day to day running of the laboratory. She is an experienced dental technician who specialises in ceramics and digital scanning technologies. Olga has a keen eye for detail and is ensures all technicians adhere to the strict  quality management system at Smile.


Arian recently qualified as a dental technician and is a new member of the laboratory. He has embraced the new digital technology and completed his apprenticeship with Joy.


Rebecca is a an experienced dental nurse and now works as a dental technician with the Smile Team.